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Computer Recycling Denver

Computer Recycling Denver

Did you know that approximately 50 million computers around the world are becoming obsolete each year, which makes electronic waste disposal one of the greatest problems of the modern world. The tons of electronic waste that are disposed of every day by individuals and organizations contain harmful and potentially damaging materials such as toxins, which represent a significant threat to both our health and the environment. If you are looking for services for computer recycling in Denver, Boulder, and all around Colorado, then we can help.

Since we are located in Boulder, we can usually come and pick up assets for recycling with a 24 hour notice. We ask that everything is placed into boxes or on pallets to make it easier for us to move everything. If you need any certificate for any hard drives that are destroyed, we can also provide them once sanitization has commenced.


Work With Us

Here at Asset Mills, we are committed to becoming your partner in the joined effort to protect and secure our environment. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we are fully prepared to handle all your scrap materials, to help you in the management of your end-of-life equipment, and enable you to maximize your asset investment by giving you money you can use for future purchases.


Your Customized Solution

Getting rid of your retired and obsolete equipment has never been easier. All you have to do is contact us with a list of the equipment you want to dispose of, and we will create a customized solution that will address all your needs.


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