The aerospace and aviation contractors including the military, aerospace manufacturers, defence contractors, law enforcement and the department of defence, deal with a lot of assets. They have a short or medium lifespan and include equipment such as radar systems, IT, telecom infrastructures, military hardware, etc. Many of which have a significant value even after disposition services. For this reason, a secure and reliable service for recovery and disposal is required and encouraged.

Here at Asset Mills, we not only provide you this service, but we also offer a complete recovery and disposition program; including asset tracking, asset management, and robust reporting. Completely dedicated to our clients, we use a professional and an environment-friendly approach that guarantees your satisfaction.


  • Asset Management – Things move fast in the aerospace industry. If you need help managing your assets contact us for a free consultation.
  • Asset Sourcing – The first part of an asset’s lifecycle is it’s sourcing. Sourcing correctly will save you immense costs later down the road.
  • Data Destruction – What differentiates the amateurs from the professionals? The standards which they uphold. Here at Asset Mills we work following the highest standards in the aerospace asset disposition industry.
  • Decommissioning Services – There comes a time at which some of the equipment in the assembly line need to be disposed of or upgraded. We can help.
  • Liquidations & Auctions – Need to liquidate some assets? We know the right auction to put it on. This will save you time and maximize your asset returns.

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