Cities and municipalities are responsible for managing a large number of services and departments such as police departments, fire departments, schools, libraries, utility services, public transportation among others. Each of these services relies heavily on computer and electronic equipment including radios, radars, medical and industrial equipment. This also means they deal with a lot of retired and obsolete equipment and data. Here is where our city & municipality asset disposition services can come in handy.

Here at Asset Mills through our Asset Disposition Solutions, we take pride in our dedication to people and the environment, which is why we have created special disposal programs for cities and municipalities. These programs have been designed specifically to extract the maximum value from disposed equipment, giving the cities and municipalities new opportunities to invest in their communities without stretching their tight budgets.


  • Asset Management – There are a lot of things to keep track of when working with cities & municipalities. If you need help managing your assets contact us for a free consultation.
  • Asset Sourcing – The first part of an asset’s lifecycle is it’s sourcing. Sourcing correctly will save you immense costs later down the road.
  • Data Destruction – What differentiates the amateurs from the professionals? The standards which they uphold. Here at Asset Mills we work following the highest standards in the city& municipality asset disposition industry.
  • Decommissioning Services – There comes a time at which some of the machines in the assembly line need to be disposed of or upgraded. We can help.
  • Electronics Recycling – We take recycling to heart. Based out of Colorado, a state with an ongoing engagement to upholding a clean environment, our recycling process will ensure proper upcycling and disposal of your assets.
  • Liquidations & Auctions – Need to liquidate some assets? We know the right auction to put it on. This will save you time and maximize your asset returns.

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