If you are a wired or wireless telecommunications carrier, a telecommunications reseller, or you deal with satellite telecom services, cable, and other program distribution, then you most certainly deal with a massive volume of electrical components and IT electronic equipment. And you are also aware that the proper disposal of such equipment and data is critical in order to ensure compliance with regulations. We can help you with our specialized telecommunications asset disposition services.

Asset Mills has created a special program for you which offers you all this and adds to the service by including decommissioning, harvesting, refurbishment and recycling. When you choose Asset Mills as your disposition partner, you choose the management of your retired equipment and data that is delivered with low risk and high return.

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  • Asset Management – The telecommunications industry process more data than any other industry. If you need help managing your assets contact us for a free consultation.
  • Asset Sourcing – The first part of an asset’s lifecycle is it’s sourcing. Sourcing correctly will save you immense costs later down the road.
  • Decommissioning Services – There comes a time at which some of your electronics and satellite equipment need to be disposed of or upgraded. We can help.
  • Electronics Recycling – We take recycling to heart. Based out of Colorado, a state with an ongoing engagement to upholding a clean environment, our recycling process will ensure proper upcycling and disposal of your assets.
  • Liquidations & Auctions – Need to liquidate some assets? We know the right auction to put it on. This will save you time and maximize your asset returns.

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