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What kind scrap metals can you recycle?

What is Considered Scrap

The average annual quantity of recycled scrap metal in the US alone is more than 250 billion pounds, or over 130 million metric tons. 74 million of these are ferrous metals, and they account for over 55% of the total national processing of the material. The scrap is recovered from old vehicles, household appliances, steel structures, ships, farm equipment, railroad tracks and many other sources.

There is also the recycling of non-ferrous metals which include copper, lead, aluminium, tin, zinc, nickel and other metals. All of these metals do not lose any of their original properties and do not degrade while recycling, which makes them suitable for use and reuse an infinite number of times.

Work With Us

Here at Asset Mill, we are fully equipped to take over and handle any type of scrap metals from businesses, manufacturers and consumers, while offering a monetary payment at the same time.

Contact us today if you have unwanted metal that you don’t want around anymore, and do a favor to both yourself and the environment.

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