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How to Recycle Computers For Cash

How To Recycle Computers For Cash

Wondering how to recycle computers for cash? The best way to do so is by working with a trusted partner that can recycle your computers responsibly, while making sure to maximize your asset return.

When you try to do it yourself, often times you will end up placing the computers on the wrong auction, getting it sold for cheaper than it’s worth. Or you will end up giving them away to an amateur contractor, which will then dispose of it irresponsibly without a care in the world. There are better solutions available for you.


Recycle In a Responsible Way

Did you know that the small fluorescent lamp found in many laptop screens contains mercury? Or that the laptop batteries are most commonly lithium-ion based? But, these are not the only hazardous materials found in computers. CRT monitors, which are mostly phased out now, for example, contain lead, and this metal can also be found in circuit boards, alongside mercury and cadmium. Without a doubt, computers contain many harmful elements, compounds, even carcinogens.



Work With a Trusted Partner

For this reason, it is of crucial importance to handle your retired and/or obsolete computers in a responsible and safe manner, and for this you need a reliable partner. Asset Mills will not only help you dispose of your computer waste, but will do so in accordance with latest standards and regulations, to ensure an environmentally safe and responsible disposal. And that is not all. You will also receive more money back that you can use for the purchase of newer computer models.


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