How to Recycle Your Old Smartphone or Computer?

There is a global call for proper recycling of old electronics. Although the amount of e-waste worldwide for 2015 was nearly 73 million tons, a very small portion of the disposed electronics have are properly refurbished.

It is not a very widely known fact that smartphones and tablets are a serious source of precious metals. They, along with other electronics that fall into the e-waste category, are also a generator of hazardous chemicals that without proper storage and disposition can endanger the environment.

A report shows that annually, each household spends more than $1,000 in consumer electronics, having smartphones and tablets leading the list of purchased goods. Last year, Americans have thrown away nearly $60 worth of silver and gold, extracted from old smartphones and tablets.

What do these facts and figures mean? In no time the need for recycling electronics will become a must.

New and better laptops, smartphones, tablets and TVs are released every year. The fast-paced software development industry demands more powerful, faster, lighter and user-friendly devices to run their applications on. So purchasing a new smartphone, laptop or tablet means you are likely to stop using the one you had prior your order.

But isn’t there other alternative of switching and changing gear? Can you recycle your old smartphone or laptop in a creative and sustainable way?

The answer is “Yes”.

  1. Examine Your Old Electronics
    Is it broken? Does it need a software update? Do you really need a new one? Often we change gear before our old electronics are entirely damaged. Newer versions of our old phones and laptops are not necessarily better, so purchasing a new one might be tempting, but not always practical. But if you are up for a new toy, be sure to be entirely aware of the current condition of your old gear and choose a proper way to dispose of it.
  1. Data Destruction
    Electronics recycling companies often provide clients with a data destruction service. If you are not sure how to do it yourself, leave it to them. Before disposing of your old smartphone, laptop or tablet, be sure your data is completely wiped from its hard drive.
  1. E-Waste Recycling
    Smartphones, tablets and laptops are considered to be e-waste. Disposing of electronics is getting more and more popular worldwide and do have a serious impact on the overall waste management, as well as a positive outcome regarding the environment and our natural resources. There are plenty of companies providing you with a local representative office of where to recycle old electronics, so that they can be taken a proper care of without increasing the risk of releasing toxic chemicals or affecting the environment.
  1. Resell
    If your old electronics are fully functioning and only have a few cosmetic damages, consider reselling them on online auction websites.
  1. Donate
    Having a functioning mobile device or a laptop to communicate and work from makes life easier. Phones enable people to call emergency or their closest family and friends, and laptops make self-improvement, career development and education easier. There are plenty of good charities out there, where you can donate your old smartphone and laptop and let someone else in need use them until their natural life cycle come to an end.

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