Sell Your IT Equipment

What Happens When You Sell IT Equipment?

When you plan to recycle or dispose and disposition your IT equipment, it is important to take into consideration the sustainable waste strategy of your business. By recycling your IT equipment you are not only reducing the amount of waste in landfill sites, but you are also playing a positive part of being socially responsible to the environment. You end up bringing back benefit to your company as many of the materials scavenged from old equipment are used in the manufacturing of new computers.

The Facts

There are 23% of plastic, 32% of ferrous metals, 18% of non-ferrous metals, 15% of glass and 12% of electronic boards in an average personal computer. And that is not all. There can be up to 2 kg of lead in one single computer. Lead is one of the leading contaminants of water here in Colorado and around the United States. When you work with companies that don’t care, not only are they less likely to maximize your profit returns, they will also dispose of the material in the cheapest and most harmful way. Furthermore, the materials used in IT equipment are such complex mixtures that are often very difficult to recycle and require a great deal of technology and expertise. This is where our services can come in handy.

We Can Help

Here at Asset Mills through our asset disposition and asset recycling services, we have all the solutions your company requires. With our latest technology and expert know how, we can recycle any IT equipment you may have, and manage your obsolete PCs, laptops, monitors, servers, computer peripherals including scanners and printers, mobile and landline phones and almost anything else you can think of.  

And don’t forget that you are not only going to sell IT equipment waste in a safe, secure and responsible way, but you are also going to profit from it, which will help you maximize your IT asset returns and increase your budget for future investments.


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