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We can help you manage your assets through its lifecycle.

From helping you source stock from factories abroad to recycling them when their usable span has ended, we will ensure you have the support you need to maximize your recovery.

IT & Electronics Recycling

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Asset Sourcing

We will help you find whatever you’re looking for nationally or globally, whether that’s a piece of equipment or finding the right manufacturing partner in China. We can also offer your stock in national marketplaces to ensure a quick turnaround if you need to sell items quickly.

Asset Decommission

The average life cycle for IT equipment is 5 years. Once the manufacturer stops supporting the equipment it becomes a vulnerability to any organisation keeping it around. We can help with the decommissioning process and deal with your end of life IT equipment.

Entire Facility Purchase

We will make cash offers on entire pharmaceutical labs, IT Assets, and many other organizations. If you don’t want to deal with the long process of liquidating and auctioning off your assets, we can make you an offer and take care of all of the logistics involved. It’s the easiest way to turn a new page for your organization.

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