Looking for an HPLC system for your new startup and can’t pay a premium market price for it? Perhaps you’re starting a new metalworks shop and need a good working Fanuc CNC machine? If you’re in need of an item that is hard to find locally or on an online marketplace, and would like to get it at a bargain price from an auction, we can help with your asset sourcing. Through our online database we can notify you right away as soon as we find the asset you’re looking for.

Asset sourcing is the activity that marks the beginning of the products life cycle in your organization. In the best case, the asset will serve a long life and eventually be removed from your organization in another one-time activity — asset disposition. In the worst case, manufacturing, technical, or user errors will force the asset to be removed from your organization much sooner and at significant expense to you. This is where our asset sourcing services can minimize the costs to you in these instances. Work with Asset Mills to source the best assets right from the start.

Our experienced team of purchasers are well acquainted with all the auction houses and resellers nationally. On a local level, we have expertise in asset sourcing in Colorado. On a national level, we can offer services in asset sourcing through the entire country, even finding equipment internationally when the price is right.

If you need any piece of equipment for your business that you can’t find locally or at any marketplace, let us source it for you. We will find the best equipment at the lowest price, ensuring you get more value for your money.

Give us a call today and let us source for you all you need for your organization.

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