Electronics Recycling Services

Disposal of electronics is rapidly becoming one of the world’s greatest problems. It is not merely the quantity and volume of waste that is problematic, but more so the serious environmental impact caused by the components of electronic waste such as mercury, lead, beryllium, mercury, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants (BFRs). If the disposal of electronic components and devices is not carried out properly, these hazardous materials and chemicals end up contaminating the soil, polluting our air, and even leaching into the water supply. This is where our electronics recycling services come into play, ensuring none of the above occur.

Equipped with expert know-how for salvaging and recycling disposed electronic devices, Asset Millsoffers you a quick, reliable and above all, responsible way to transform your electronic waste into an asset once again. Our tried and tested solutions offer you a way to dispose of your assets in the most sustainable and profitable way.

How do we recycle assets?

Great question. Here is how the process goes:

recycling asset process infographic

Original infographic found on Metech’s website.

We start by sorting out the reusable material from the non-salvageable. We then dis-assemble everything, upcycling what we can and responsibly recycling the rest. The entire process is made in a way that anything that can be salvaged is, giving it a longer lifecycle rather than going directly to the bin. Here at Asset Mills, we believe good and profitable business can go hand in hand with responsible and ethical electronics recycling services. This planet belongs to us all, let’s try to keep it green and clean.

Choose a sustainable Electronics Recycling Partner

If you are a local company here in Colorado, or based out of the United States, keep our environment clean and contact us now to learn more about our electronics recycling services and how you can get rid of your electronics safely and responsibly.